Ruben G Reynoso

My introduction to wine was at the early age of two, when my grandfather had a wine bottling business in Arequipa, Peru. He would get barrels of wine and the whole family would join in bottling the wines. They would siphon the wine from the barrels, but I would swallow it. Anyway, I come from a family of wine lovers that would get together for my grandmothers infamous pasta and drink the wines from my grandfather.

 As I came of age and eventually got a family of my own, I found that with a great deal of research there are many wines that offer excellent taste without being expensive. I began sharing my knowledge of these fine wines with friends and started a wine club where everyone could share twelve bottles of fine wine for under $100.00. Finding the best value wines was not simple so then I finally came up with the idea to open my very own retail store so I could offer my expertise and share wines with not only my friends, but with new customers and soon to become friends. Also, from this experience, I came up with the idea to offer "Ruben's Dozen"; twelve hand chosen wines from myself to my customers for $99. The dozen includes wines from all over the world.

In all my travels to the numerous wine regions around the world I have collected and nevertheless drank many wines. On the road in several different cultures, I learned to appreciate wine stores as a vessel from the country into the hands of consumers. El Wine Chateau is my interpretation of what a wine store should be. All the best wine stores made into a retail front in Old Town Keller offering a great selection of affordable wines, stemware, wine accessories and a decent selection of international beers.

So let me help you expand your wine horizon with recommendations, information and advice. I can also help the experienced wine "aficionado" stock their cellar with rare and collectible gems. Whether you are an expert or just a beginner, I will devote my full attention to making your wine experience a pleasurable one.


To the wonderful world of WINE! Salute!